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Bernette is a certified professional coach who integrates her gifts as an energy worker and spirit communicator to help transform lives.

Are you a:

  • Writer?
  • Artist?
  • Poet?
  • Singer?
  • Speaker?
  • Performance Professional?

Do you want to break through personal limitations so you can better share your gifts, talents, and your inspiration with the world?

If you answered YES, keep reading.

As a life coach, I want you to experience transformation that lasts. I use tools that include energy work, insight, guidance, accountability, and a combination of my book Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses (the Star portion) and the Stepping Stones game (the Steps portion).

If you work with me, you’ll begin coaching with the book and the game for a holistic and integrated approach that recognizes that your body, mind, and spirit are all essential for transformation that lasts and you’ll have tools to keep taking steps into the life you want.

I leverage all of this in my work as a life coach, integrating my spiritual, metaphysical, and traditional experiences and training to keep you accountable to your goals and desired outcomes (the program design and evaluator in me), while providing healing, guidance, and support to make lasting change.

You also have access to my experience as an indie author, spoken word artist, former pageant queen, and anything else I may have experience with to help in building your wheel.


I created the Stepping Stones Game as an intuitive way for you to get clarity, guidance, and insight into your life and decisions you have to make. As you play truth reveals itself, giving you insight into patterns of behavior, things that have helped you, and those things that may cause you difficulty.

Prior to and while beginning my spiritual and metaphysical practice, I spent more than a decade as a researcher and evaluator working for two large university systems in Atlanta and a national health care company doing program design, implementation, and evaluation.

As an integrative life coach the primary tools I use to help you transform your life are:

-Energetic Work using Access Bars®  and/or Holy Fire Reiki
Heaven is Now: Enough Excuses book
-The Stepping Stones Game
-Spiritual Insight and Guidance
-Personal goals and perspective clarity

What else is possible?

Coaching packages are available for new clients and continuing clients. Clients may also play the Stepping Stones game or receive an Access Bars® session without additional services.